Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

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Estate planning is essential for every individual, regardless of marital status. However, when it comes to unmarried couples, it becomes even more critical, as the legal framework does not automatically provide the same level of protection as it does for spouses. In this article, we will discuss the importance of estate planning for unmarried cohabiting couples, addressing the unique challenges they face and offering guidance on managing inheritance, decision-making, and guardianship aspects effectively. Furthermore, discover how Sovereign Planning’s professional will-writing services can support you in navigating the complexities of estate planning and providing the necessary protection for your partner and loved ones.

Without a comprehensive estate plan in place, unmarried couples risk their partner being excluded from important decisions and receiving inadequate inheritance in the event of one partner’s absence or passing. This is because, under the current laws in England and Wales, unmarried partners are not automatically recognised as legal heirs, meaning a surviving partner could face financial and legal challenges during an already emotional period.

In the following sections, we will delve into the key aspects of estate planning that unmarried couples must consider, such as the management of shared assets, appointing nominees to make decisions on their behalf, and the appointment of guardians for any children. The information provided here will empower you to take control of your estate planning, ensuring that your partner and loved ones are adequately protected in your absence.

The Importance of Careful Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

Managing Shared Assets and Inheritance Concerns

It is crucial for unmarried couples to ensure their shared assets and inheritance wishes are clearly defined in their estate plan:

1. Property Ownership: Determine the most suitable form of property ownership for your situation, such as joint tenancy or tenants in common, to protect your partner’s rights to the property upon your passing.

2. Drafting a Comprehensive Will: Detail your wishes for the distribution of your assets, including provisions for your partner, children, and other beneficiaries, to ensure your intentions are fulfilled.

3. Utilising Trust Structures: Trusts can be a valuable tool in managing asset distribution and inheritance tax implications, especially for unmarried couples who do not automatically receive spousal exemptions.

4. Life Insurance Policies: Designate your partner as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, providing them with financial support and security in the event of your passing.

Decision-Making and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Unmarried couples should also address decision-making authority:

1. Health and Welfare LPA: Appoint your partner as your attorney, granting them the power to make crucial decisions regarding your medical treatment and personal welfare if you become incapacitated.

2. Property and Financial Affairs LPA: Provide your partner with the authority to manage your financial and property affairs, ensuring they have the ability to access and maintain shared assets in your absence.

3. Registering Your LPA: Ensure your LPAs are duly registered with the Office of the Public Guardian to validate their legal status and provide documentation to support your partner’s decision-making authority.

4. Regularly Reviewing Your LPA: As your relationship develops and circumstances change, it is essential to periodically review and amend your LPA to ensure it remains valid and serves your best interests.

Guardianship of Children and Dependents

For unmarried couples with children, it is imperative to address guardianship matters:

1. Appointing a Legal Guardian: In your will, nominate a trusted guardian for your minor children, ensuring they will be cared for by someone who shares your values and parenting approach.

2. Obtaining Consent from the Nominated Guardian: Confirm that the individual you have chosen as a guardian consents to the responsibility and is willing and able to assume the role.

3. Providing For Your Children’s Financial Needs: Detail any financial provisions for your children in your will, including the potential establishment of trusts or other wealth management structures.

4. Reviewing Your Choices: Periodically reassess your choice of guardian and ensure their continued suitability based on your child’s evolving needs and changes in your family’s circumstances.

Partnering with Sovereign Planning for Tailored Estate Planning

Sovereign Planning offers personalised support for unmarried couples navigating estate planning complexities:

1. Expert Advice on Estate Planning Strategies: Our team of professionals will guide you through the process of creating an estate plan tailored to your unique circumstances, taking into account assets, inheritance tax, and LPA requirements.

2. Comprehensive Will-Writing Services: Utilise our expert will-writing services to draft a legally compliant and thorough will that accurately reflects your wishes and ensures your partner is protected.

3. Trust and LPA Establishment: Allow our experienced team to assist you in setting up trusts and LPAs that safeguard your partner’s rights to make decisions on your behalf and manage your assets.

4. Ongoing Support and Plan Updates: Benefit from Sovereign Planning’s continuous assistance, including periodic review and adjustment services, to ensure your estate plan remains up to date and adapts to any changes in your personal lives.


As unmarried couples do not enjoy the same legal protections as married couples, careful estate planning is essential to ensure that your partner and loved ones are adequately provided for in your absence. By focusing on key aspects such as shared assets, decision-making authority, and guardianship for children, you can create an estate plan that safeguards your partner’s rights and future while reflecting your preferences and values.

Sovereign Planning provides expert guidance, specialised will-writing services, and responsive support, helping you navigate the complexities of estate planning for unmarried couples. Our team is dedicated to creating tailored solutions that protect your partner and loved ones, ensuring a comprehensive approach to securing your legacy. Start the journey to crafting a personalised estate plan for your unique situation. Contact Sovereign Planning today to discuss your estate planning needs and receive expert guidance tailored to the needs of unmarried couples.

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