The Importance of Digital Assets in Estate Planning: How to Include Them in Your Will

The Importance of Digital Assets in Estate Planning: How to Include Them in Your Will

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In today’s digital era, our lives are increasingly interconnected with our online presence, leading to the accumulation of valuable digital assets. As a modern aspect of estate planning, it is essential to ensure that these digital assets are not overlooked when preparing your will. Digital assets can include online financial accounts, social media profiles, blogs, digital currencies, domain names, and digital photos or videos, among others. In this article, we will discuss why digital assets are crucial in modern estate planning, the challenges involved in incorporating digital assets into your will, and how professional will-writing services like Sovereign Planning can help you address this often-overlooked aspect of estate planning.

Failing to include digital assets in your will can create significant challenges for your loved ones and potentially lead to the loss of access to valuable information, resources, or sentimental items. Comprehensive estate planning should encompass both tangible and digital assets to provide a complete representation of your estate and ensure that your loved ones have access to invaluable information and resources in the event of your death.

In the following sections, we will explore the types of digital assets you may need to consider addressing in your will, the unique challenges these assets present in estate planning, and the role of professional will-writing services like Sovereign Planning in helping you navigate the complexities of digital asset management in your estate plan.

I. Types of Digital Assets to Consider in Your Will

Digital assets encompass various forms of online data, accounts, and content, including:

1. Online financial accounts: Online banking, investment accounts, PayPal or digital wallet services, and digital currencies should be addressed in your will to ensure your loved ones can access and manage these financial resources.

2. Social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts may contain sentimental value, personal information, or online business activities that your loved ones need to access, maintain, or close.

3. Digital content: This category includes blogs, websites, domain names, copyrights, and intellectual property associated with online content you have created or own.

4. Digital files and media: Consider addressing digital photo libraries, music collections, e-books, and video files stored in online storage accounts like Google Drive or Dropbox.

II. Unique Challenges in Addressing Digital Assets in Your Will

Incorporating digital assets into your will presents several distinctive challenges:

1. Identifying and cataloguing digital assets: Digital assets can be easy to overlook, and you may require a thorough review of your online presence and accounts to create a comprehensive inventory of these assets.

2. Access to digital assets: Many digital accounts are protected by passwords, privacy policies, and terms of service agreements, which may restrict access to your loved ones. You need to devise a legal and secure way to provide access to your accounts.

3. Valuation of digital assets: Assigning a value to digital assets can be challenging, but it is essential to determine their worth for estate tax purposes, distribution among beneficiaries, and maintaining or closing digital accounts.

4. Changing technology and regulations: The digital landscape is ever-evolving, which creates ongoing challenges in keeping your estate plan up-to-date with advances in technology and new legislation governing digital assets.

III. The Role of Professional Will-Writing Services in Digital Asset Estate Planning

By working with professional will-writing services like Sovereign Planning, you can address the complexities of including digital assets in your will:

1. Expert guidance: Sovereign Planning’s experienced team can assist you in identifying, cataloguing, and valuing your digital assets to create a comprehensive inventory for inclusion in your will.

2. Legal compliance: Our will-writing professionals will help you navigate the legal requirements and restrictions surrounding digital asset access and ensure your loved ones can lawfully access and manage your digital estate.

3. Tailored solutions: Sovereign Planning works closely with you to develop customised instructions for the management, distribution, or closure of your digital assets, reflecting your unique needs and the best interests of your beneficiaries.

4. Ongoing support: As the digital landscape evolves, Sovereign Planning offers continued review and updates to your will, ensuring your digital asset management instructions remain relevant, effective, and compliant with changing technology and regulations.

IV. Practical Steps to Prepare Your Digital Assets for Inclusion in Your Will

To effectively address digital assets in your estate planning, consider implementing the following practical steps:

1. Create an inventory: Make a comprehensive list of your digital assets, including any usernames, passwords, or access information required to manage those assets. Ensure this information is kept secure and updated as needed.

2. Designate a digital executor: Appoint a trusted individual to manage your digital estate, ensuring they have the necessary skills, understanding, and access to carry out their responsibilities following your wishes.

3. Specify your wishes: Clearly outline in your will how you’d like your digital assets to be managed, distributed, or closed, addressing any specific preferences or requirements for each asset.

4. Consult with a professional: Work closely with a professional will-writing service like Sovereign Planning to ensure your digital asset management instructions are legally compliant, secure, and accurately reflected in your will.


Digital assets are an increasingly important aspect of modern estate planning, and addressing these assets in your will is essential to prevent potential loss of value, access, or personal sentiment. By partnering with Sovereign Planning’s professional will-writing services, you can ensure that your digital assets are effectively documented, valued, and managed in accordance with your wishes and in the best interests of your loved ones. Trust the experts at Sovereign Planning to guide you through the complexities of digital asset management in your estate plan, creating a comprehensive, up-to-date, and legally compliant will that fully addresses your digital legacy.

Secure your digital legacy and provide peace of mind for your loved ones by addressing your digital assets in your will with the expert guidance of Sovereign Planning’s professional will-writing services. Get in touch with our team today to create a comprehensive estate plan that encompasses your unique online presence.

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