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Understanding Inclusion of Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan
Understanding Digital Assets and Their Inclusion in Your Estate Plan

Understanding Digital Assets and Their Inclusion in Your Estate Plan

As our lives increasingly become digitised, we accumulate a wide range of digital assets, including social media accounts, online financial services, intellectual property, and digital collections of music, films, books, and more. As a result, estate planning in the digital age needs to encompass not only tangible assets, such as property and possessions, but also intangible digital assets. 

Digital assets encompass various aspects of our online lives, from financial resources to information stored in the cloud, email accounts, and even digital currencies like Bitcoin. As these assets can hold monetary and sentimental value, it is crucial to explicitly include them in your estate plan, ensuring that your loved ones can access, manage, and distribute these assets according to your wishes. Failing to account for digital assets in your estate plan could result in loss of access, disputes among beneficiaries, or even legal complications.

Throughout this article, we will explore the various types of digital assets and their relevance in estate planning, special considerations and challenges involved in managing digital assets, and the role of will-writing services like Sovereign Planning in ensuring a comprehensive and legally compliant estate plan that accounts for both digital and tangible assets.

Types of Digital Assets: Financial, Intellectual, and Personal

Digital assets encompass a variety of online resources and accounts, some of which may have significant monetary or sentimental value:

1. Financial Assets: These include online bank accounts, investment accounts, digital currencies, and any other internet-based financial holdings.

2. Intellectual Property: This category covers digital creations such as copyrighted works, patents, trademarks, and domain names, which might generate revenue or appreciation in value.

3. Personal Assets: Personal digital assets can range from emails, social media accounts, and online subscriptions to digital collections of music, videos, or photographs.

Challenges in Managing Digital Assets in Estate Planning

The unique nature of digital assets presents several challenges when planning for their management and distribution in your estate plan:

1. Access and Control: Many digital assets are protected by passwords, encryption, or two-factor authentication methods, making it more difficult for your executors or beneficiaries to gain access following your death or incapacity.

2. Legal Limitations: Some digital accounts or assets may be subject to terms of service agreements that prohibit the transfer of ownership or restrict access after the user’s death. Navigating these legal roadblocks may require creative solutions or collaborative efforts with the service providers.

3. Valuation and Taxation: Valuing digital assets may not be straightforward, particularly for digital currencies or intellectual property with fluctuating market value. This can have tax implications and may create potential disputes among beneficiaries.

Ensuring Comprehensive Inclusion of Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

To effectively include your digital assets in your estate plan, consider taking the following steps:

1. Create an Inventory: Make a comprehensive list of your digital assets, including their location, login information, and any relevant security measures. This inventory should be stored securely, with controlled access to ensure privacy.

2. Determine Distribution: Clearly define how you wish each digital asset to be managed, distributed, or maintained by your beneficiary or executor.

3. Evaluate Legal Implications: Work with a professional will-writing service like Sovereign Planning to understand and navigate the legal and regulatory considerations associated with your digital assets.

4. Update Your Will: Once you have determined how to manage your digital assets, update your will to explicitly incorporate these assets, ensuring their proper distribution to your beneficiaries.

The Role of Professional Will-Writing Services in Digital Asset Planning

Professional will-writing services like Sovereign Planning offer expertise in guiding you through the complexities of incorporating digital assets into your estate plan:

1. Navigating Legal Considerations: Our team will work with you to understand and address the legal restrictions or requirements surrounding the management and distribution of your digital assets, seeking solutions that align with your wishes and expectations.

2. Tailoring Your Estate Plan: At Sovereign Planning, we recognise that each individual’s digital footprint is unique. We will help you create a bespoke estate plan that comprehensively covers your distinct range of digital assets, ensuring their proper management and distribution.

3. Ongoing Support and Revisions: As the digital landscape continually evolves, our team provides ongoing support for reviewing and updating your estate plan, accounting for any changes in your digital assets or the legal frameworks governing them.


As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the digital world, it is vital to ensure that your estate plan accounts for both tangible and intangible assets. By proactively addressing the challenges and complexities surrounding digital assets, you can create a comprehensive estate plan that ensures your loved ones’ ability to access, manage, and distribute these important aspects of your legacy. 

At Sovereign Planning, we provide professional will-writing services can help you navigate the unique legal and practical considerations of digital asset planning and crafting a robust estate plan – providing you with peace of mind and security for the future. Secure your digital legacy by incorporating digital assets into your estate plan. Contact us today and begin the process of creating a comprehensive estate plan that considers all facets of your life, both online and offline!

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