The Importance of Updating Your Will: Life Events, Changes, and Regular Reviews

The Importance of Updating Your Will: Life Events, Changes, and Regular Reviews

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Creating a will is indeed a vital aspect of estate planning. However, it is equally essential to review and update your will periodically to ensure it accurately reflects your wishes and current life circumstances. 

Various life events and changes can impact the contents of your will, such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, or acquiring new assets. It is crucial to review your will in the face of such changes to ensure your beneficiaries are correctly represented and your estate is distributed according to your current wishes and intentions. Failing to update your will can lead to complications in the estate administration process and may even result in your will being deemed invalid, causing unnecessary stress and legal complications for your loved ones.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of revisiting your will regularly, highlighting significant life events and changes that may necessitate updates. Additionally, we will provide guidance on how professional will-writing services like Sovereign Planning can offer expert advice in maintaining an effective and up-to-date will.

Life Events That Necessitate Will Updates

Certain life events can significantly impact the accuracy and validity of your will, making it crucial to review and update it accordingly:

1. Marriage or Civil Partnership: In England and Wales, getting married or entering into a civil partnership automatically revokes any existing will, unless it is explicitly stated to be made in contemplation of the marriage or partnership. It is essential to update or create a new will in these circumstances to ensure your wishes are legally enforceable.

2. Divorce or Separation: Following a divorce or separation, you should review and update your will to reflect your changing circumstances – particularly if your former spouse was a beneficiary or executor.

3. Birth of a Child or Grandchild: The arrival of a new family member should prompt a will review to ensure they are included as a beneficiary, and perhaps even to appoint a guardian for minor children.

4. Death of a Beneficiary, Executor, or Guardian: If someone named in your will passes away, it is crucial to update your will to reassign their role or redistribute their intended inheritance.

5. Acquisition of New Assets: Acquiring significant new assets, such as property or valuable personal possessions, should lead to a review of your will to ensure these assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Regular Will Reviews: Best Practices and Benefits

Beyond life event-driven updates, experts recommend reviewing your will regularly to ensure its continued accuracy and effectiveness:

1. Set a Review Schedule: Aim to review your will at least every three to five years, or following any significant life events, regulatory changes, or alterations to your financial situation.

2. Check for Discrepancies: During your will review, verify that all named beneficiaries, executors, and guardians are still accurate and willing to fulfil their respective roles. Also, ensure that your will reflects any relevant changes to your relationships or financial situation.

3. Seek Professional Advice: Collaborate with professional will-writing services like Sovereign Planning for expert advice and guidance in identifying necessary will updates and ensuring everything is legally compliant.

The Consequences of Not Updating Your Will

Failing to update your will in response to life events and changes can lead to severe consequences:

1. Inaccurate Distribution of Your Estate: An outdated will may no longer reflect your current preferences or intentions for distributing your assets, resulting in your estate being divided in a manner contrary to your wishes.

2. Legal Complications: If your will is deemed invalid due to a failure to update it following significant life events, your estate could be distributed according to intestacy rules, undermining your intended asset distribution and causing potential financial and emotional distress for your loved ones.

3. Family Disputes: Outdated or ambiguous instructions in your will may lead to disputes among family members and beneficiaries, potentially creating lasting tension and resentment.

The Role of Professional Will-Writing Services in Will Updates

Professional will-writing services like Sovereign Planning play a crucial role in ensuring your will remains up-to-date and effective:

1. Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable team offers comprehensive advice on updating your will according to your changing circumstances, ensuring it continues to represent your wishes and intentions accurately.

2. Legal Compliance: Sovereign Planning ensures your revised will complies with all legal requirements while considering any potential tax implications and minimising potential complications.

3. Peace of Mind: Working with a professional will-writing service ensures that your will is regularly reviewed and updated, providing you and your loved ones with the confidence that your estate will be managed according to your desires.


Keeping your will updated and reflective of your current life circumstances is an essential aspect of estate planning. Regularly reviewing your will, particularly following significant life events, ensures that your estate is distributed according to your wishes and minimises the potential for legal complications or family disputes. Working with expert will-writing services like Sovereign Planning provides invaluable guidance and support, ensuring your will is both accurate and legally compliant, offering peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

Turn to Sovereign Planning’s professional will-writing services to ensure your will remains relevant and valid throughout life’s various changes. Contact us today to discuss your changing circumstances and ensure your will remains effective and aligned with your wishes!

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