Professional Will Writing

Safeguarding your loved ones

Do you have a clear idea about what should be done with everything you have worked for during your life?

All of us want the best for our loved ones when we are no longer round, so having a will is vitally important.Unless you have a legal or professional services background, creating this type of document can be deceptively difficult. What’s more, a poorly written, unclear will may cause unexpected difficulties for your beneficiaries and even lead to disputes.

The benefits of planning ahead

  1. Specify exactly who your benefactors are. Rather than letting the law decide, you can divide up your inheritance in whatever way you want.
  2. Nominate your children’s guardians. If you have children under 18 and the worst does happen, you need to plan ahead for their future.
  3. State who your executors are. Pick the person you trust will make sure your will is properly adhered to.
  4. Set out your wishes for specific possessions. Many of us have treasured heirlooms or keepsakes – a well-written will lets you pass it on to the loved one it will mean the most to.
  5. Write a joint will. It’s possible to write a combined will for you and your partner. Not only does this align your wishes with each other, it’s also possible to get excellent discounts.
  6. Take advantage of low prices. A will is a one-off cost that can save £1000s in the long run by securing your assets. With increased competition, many will-writers are now offering up to £40 off for their services. 
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